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Molecular Entomology and Applied Bioinformatics

UFPel, Campus Universitario do Capao do Leao, Av. Eliseu Maciel s/n
Building LAbAgro
Pelotas, RS, 96010-900

Tel.: +55 (53) 3275-7657
Fax.: +55 (53) 3275-9031
GSM.: +55 (53) 8154-2341

SKYPE.: moises.joao.zotti
Email: moises.zotti@ufpel.edu.br

MSc, PhD and PostDoc students

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Tiago Falcon

RNAi, RNA-seq, bioinfo, dsRNA delivery, cuticule genes, Tribolium

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Leticia Rickes

cells, cloning, plant physiology, qPCR, DNA, RNA-seq

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Fernanda A. Muller

F2 screen, stinkbugs, esterase, P-450, pop genetics, GBS, resistance, RNA-seq

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Bruna Piovesan

agroecosystem, native bees, pesticide, landscape, natural areas,

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Deise Cagliari

RNAi, stink bugs, RNA-seq, non-transformative dsRNA delivery

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Mallikarjun Reddy / Joint PhD with UGent

rice water weevil, RNA-seq, RNAi

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Maicon Roberto

Insect cell lines, virtual screening, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, plasmid DNA, EcR/USP

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Ericmar Avila

RNAi, virus-induced gene silencing, RNA-seq, bioinformatics

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Aline Costa Padilha

agroecosystem, native bees, pesticide, landscape, natural areas

BSc students

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Danielle Mulle

stinkbugs, pesticide resistance, transcriptomics, lethal doses

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Natalia Maldaner

metabolic resistance, enzymes, P-450, GSH, esterases, OPs

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dose-response, insecticide resistance, genetics, target-site mutation


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Ciro Pinto (UNESP/Jaboticabal)

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