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Molecular Entomology and Applied Bioinformatics

UFPel, Campus Universitario do Capao do Leao, Av. Eliseu Maciel s/n
Building LAbAgro
Pelotas, RS, 96010-900

Tel.: +55 (53) 3275-7657
Fax.: +55 (53) 3275-9031
GSM.: +55 (53) 8154-2341

SKYPE.: moises.joao.zotti
Email: moises.zotti@ufpel.edu.br

Research team of Prof. Moises J. Zotti

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Currently, the research developed by our team focuses on a wide set of multidisciplinary strategies to answer important questions (fundamental and applied) to tackle big challenges in insect science. For this investigation a wide range of biochemical, molecular, computational, bioinformatics and structural bioinformatics tools are used in genomics, molecular biology and cell biotechnology. In fact, all efforts surround different but also overlapping areas such as IPM, insect physiology, insect endocrinology, hormones and pheromones, peptides, pest control, insecticide resistance, IGRs and most recently pollinators. All topics are investigated in different levels of organization such as in vivo, in vitro, cellular and molecular.

  1. The classical crop protection research has outcome most of the current methods helping growers to protect their crops from pest-insects, fungal pathogens, weeds and other organisms. Although, on last decade, the increasingly stringent regulatory environment, as well as market growth has stimulated demand for more selective, safer and cost-effectively crop protection strategies. Despite of the ever-growing strict rules that potentially squeeze several of currently available crop protection tools, still there exists a gap for innovative promising ideas to improve the quality, yield stability and sustainability of the world's food supply.
  2. An important feature present in our lab is the concern to address fundamental/basic questions on animal physiology and behaviour, specially with arthropods which are the most diverse organisms in the history of life. Therefore arthropods should provide profound insight for difficult questions, yet to be solved. Some pest-arthropods in many aspects are important for agricutlure, public and human health or food sources of humankinds, while others such as wild pollinators and bees are important for crop yields.
  3. In a multidisciplinary research we combine physiology, biochemistry, computer modeling to better understand the mechanisms how insect live, develop and survive. In particular, the hormonal control of metamorphosis, the field known as insect endocrinology is one of our favorite field of research. We develop our research on different insects as beetles (model and non model), aphis, hemipterans, caterpillars, and also beneficial insects as bees, earwigs and lacewings. This vast range of insects with different evolutionary backgrounds and supported with lots of techniques allows to study basic and applied themes, including novel insect-specific targets for pest control, synthesis of new insecticide molecules, RNAi, insecticide resistance, and environment-friendly and sustainable IPM systems.

We are members of the Department of Crop Protection (in portuguese only), PPGFs, which is in Pelotas, RS, BR.

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